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Enhancing Organizational Innovation through Partnerships



Competitions in today’s markets are becomes very tough due to globalization, technological progress, fast change in the demand as well as the easy talent movements. In such competitive environment, organizations can survive only through building strategic partnerships and sharing vision among network of alliances.

This program focuses on introducing tools and approaches of building such partnerships and reducing potential conflicts.



Program Objectives


The program aims to enable the participants to:

  • Lead successful strategic partnerships
  • Address/reduce partnerships conflicts
  • Get equipped with tools for partnerships building



Supervisors, managers, team and project leaders, and all individuals who need to adopt creative approach at work, whether to solve problems, introduce changes or new products/services.


It is recommended for:

  • Decision makers wishing to improve their strategic planning
  • Marketing and product managers interested looking for alliances for their products/services
  • Project managers and business developers managing different stakeholders
  • Not for profit organizations leaders looking for engagement of different stakeholders

Program Outline


  • Principles of Partnership
  • Relationships Management
  • Types and Structures of Partnerships
  • Partnership Process
  • People & Cultures in Partnerships
  • Partnership Assessment
  • Negotiating Partnerships
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Open Innovation with Partners
  • Managing Open Innovation Programs


Program Duration

15 Training Hours

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