IoT Mindset at ASU

IoT Innovation for smart and connected future Umniah is launching one of its kind Jordan, Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation program to enable entrepreneurs and innovators to move their creative Hi-Tech ideas into realizable products. The program will help the entrepreneurs of Jordan to gain technical skills to develop the proof of concept (prototypes) of their products besides gaining innovation and business skills to test and validate the concepts with the potential customers. This session introduced the basic concepts of IoT and [...]

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Start and Run Open Source DIY Business

Description : The event this year is about getting the open source and DIY community to discuss the opportunities and stories of establishing startups based on open source business models. The session with several speakers in this field, introduced the online platform of CleanTech.IBTECAR to the community as one of the examples of such business models as well as several topics related to open source and DIY This event is part of the European Union in Jordan funded project CleanTech.IBTECAR through SRTD [...]

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