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Musab has more than 16 years of professional experience in designing cultures and environments where true innovation and collaboration can happen.

Musab is a coach helping clients find their own solutions. He held positions as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Agile coach, and a product manager. Founder of Agile Jordan where Musab’s convictions are manifested into a vision where Jordan becomes Agile, which is to become innovative and respond quickly to change.

A wide area of experiences allows Musab to empathize with a multitude of people. Musab holds a BSc in Computer Science, a Master in Business Administration, and received certifications in project management “Project Management Professional (PMP)” and Agile “Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)”. He worked as a programmer, investment analyst, and even as a shoe retailer.

His exposure to different work cultures gave Musab the ability to discern quickly the issues in human interactions in a workplace, and to provide the framework where the culture can heal and stay healthy in the long run.

Musab is a value oriented consultant who believes the key to excellence is by relentlessly abiding to values. The values of Agile are a very helpful guideline as they are based on respect; respecting the people, problems, time, and business needs.

Musab is already a mentor for organizations and works with partner organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and their star ventures program.

Musab provides strategic and systems of work coaching as the foundation to success.