Events and Workshops

IoT Ambassadors Gathering

7 months goes after the IoT Innovation Program Ambassadors launching, 7 months full of hard working, promotion, training, reporting and following up it's the time for a quick gathering to discuss the previous period of the program and redo our plan for the coming period. IBTECAR completed the gathering included many activities and tools aim to improving the team working, leadership and solving problem moderated by Eng. Sarah Al-Omari and Eng. Lubna Mutawe’a. Partner:  The Tank By Umniah Date & place: 5-9-2019 ,...

IoT Talks: Rapid Technology Business Design

In the field of new technology products or start-ups, building prototypes is an essential activity in the design process for developing the right solution in the early stage. But why it is important and how do you actually do it? Loui Al Sardy will present how the rapid prototyping in Business design sprints will help you to understand, build, measure and learn about your next big idea. He will look into tools, processes and best practices to build the solution prototype you...

IoT Talk: A Journey to German Technology Innovation

Studying, Working, living in Germany is a unique experience. Jamil Al Khatib, Loui Al Sardy, and Ahmad Bashiti will tell you about their journey in Germany in a panel discussion! Are you curious about what it's like to be an international student? Hear stories from students who are studying, or have studied in Germany. They talk about student life, differences in academics, overcoming culture shock, and give their best advice for students who are thinking about studying or working in Germany. Germany...

Design Thinking meets Smart Home training

The best way to predict the future is to design it! For that we are organizing “Smart Homes utilizing Design Thinking approach” Training to develop solutions that overcome users challenges in their daily lives. The training as part of the IoT development program series that focus on providing the concepts of IoT in the business world while introducing the basics of needed technologies. For more details, visit this link: . Partner:  The Tank By Umniah Date & place:22+24+25-8-2018, The Tank By Umniah

IoT Talk: IoT Security

Security is a primary concern among IoT users, we hear the term Internet of Things get thrown around a lot.  As a society we need to know more about these 'Smart' devices and the impact they can make on our lives. Loui Al Sardy will show how insecure Internet of Things products are and how easy it is to hack them. He will discuss what are those security problems and what are the challenges that are being faced today by...

IoT Business Model & Product Management Training

We have completed the first training of its kind in Jordan: “IoT Business Model & Product Management training”, on 3-4-5 August,2019, with more than 20 participants. Thanks for the Tank by Umniah for supporting the IoT ideathon winners to participate in this training. Follow us and stay tuned for our trainings and sessions in the coming period! Partner:  The Tank By Umniah  Date & place: 3,4,5-8-2019, The Tank By Umniah

سباق أفكار المشاريع الحديثة في مجال انترنت الأشياء للعام 2019

الجامعة الاردنية IBTECAR" بالتعاون مع حاضنة أمنية للأعمال "The Tank by Umniah" أطلقوا برنامج الابتكار في انترنت الأشياء، هذا البرنامج يبدأ مع المشارك ابتداء من سباق الأفكار، و هو السباق الذي يهتم بالأفكار المتعلقة بتكنولوجيا انترنت الأشياء و منتجاتها المستقبلية الحديثة. السباق يتضمن مراحل كثيرة و مدروسة لإيجاد و تطوير أفكار ابداعية في مختلف المجالات عن طريق إنترنت الأشياء,  سيتضمن السباق مجموعة من النشاطات المليئة بالعصف الذهني ، كما سوف يتعرف المشارك في هذا السباق على احتياجات السوق الأردني من مختلف تطبيقات إنترنت...

Introduction to Prototyping

On 27 July, 2019, IBTECAR conducted Introduction to Prototyping training for the winners in the ideathon competition. The training was moderated & delivered by Eng. Jamil Khatib. Partner:  Umniah Date & place: 27-7-2019, The Tank by Umniah