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On Monday the 20th of March 2017, German Jordanian University (GJU) launched the Innovation Management Professional Diploma through its Consultation and Training Center (CTC) and Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE). Full article available here

تحدي المیاه والأعمال ٢٠١٧، الأردن Wanted: Passionate entrepreneurs and innovative ideas! !المطلوب: رواد متمیزون وأفكار مبتكرة cewas Middle East starts its entrepreneurship programme in Jordan with a 3 days challenge for entrepreneurs and professionals with an idea and strong motivation to create environmental solutions. Announcement in English /Arabic and application form on our website!  

As part of the collaboration with the Jordanian Engineers Association, Jamil Alkhatib has conducted a workshop on ideas generation for entrepreneurs during the startups training.   Live video of the session


Jamil Conducted the first workshop of Research to Innovation at the German Jordanian University Complete press release available at GJU website

European Union in Jordan Delegates Visit Representatives of the European Union Delegation to Jordan visited IBTECAR’s office on the 9th of June as part of its continues support to Innovation in Jordan. The photos show demonstrations of two types of DIY wind turbines developed by the project that are suitable for small offices or camps….

“Innovation and Creativity stimulation in organizations” A workshop delivered at 3rd Symposium with the theme “Professional Training in Developing Human Capital”, 17-18 September 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia organized by King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital   Workshop abstract Siemens, Toyota, IKEA, Google, Apple, TATA, P&G and Skype are some of the most successful companies in the world; nevertheless…

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