IBTECAR and Expertise France Launch Social Innovation Challenge in Jordan

IBTECAR Consulting and Expertise France in partnership with the Ministry of Social
Development have launched a Social Innovation Challenge 2022 as part of the Civil Society
Organization’s Component of the Support to Social Protection in Jordan Programmed funded
by the European Union.
The youth-centered project aims to promote social innovation and build a sustainable
community by employing the concept of social innovation which is concerned with exploring
social challenges through joint cooperation between community members and institutions,
and then overcoming them using innovative, sustainable solutions, and creating suitable
opportunities for youth to demonstrate their ability to create value and impact, and helping
them create distinctive projects to empower them and empower their communities.
Out of 500 applicants, around 110 youth between 18-25 years seeking to make a change and
create an impact in their society, were selected to participate in the challenge.
This year, the challenge focused on the three pilot governorates of the EU Support to Social
Protection in Jordan Programme: Karak, Jerash, and parts of Amman. The participating
teams were divided as follows: nine from Jerash, ten from Amman, and eight from Karak.
Five teams from each governorate qualified to the second phase which includes guidance
and counseling in Social Innovation and Design Thinking by experienced coaches.
The qualified teams will also participate in a boot camp to develop their ideas into a
prototype, build a social business model that achieves financial sustainability and social
impact, and enable them to qualify for incubation and support after the final phase.
Head of the Social Protection and Decent Work Unit at Expertise France, Thibault van
Langenhove, commented that Giving young people the opportunity to participate in this
challenge is evidence that government institutions, especially the Ministry of Social
Development, consider them an important part of solving societal problems by finding
optimal, modern, and innovative solutions and projects”.
For his part, the General Manager of IBTECAR Consulting, Eng. Jamil Khatib added that the
Social Innovation Challenge is part of the EU Support to Social Protection in Jordan comprehensive approach to social protection; involving these energetic youth seeking to find
constructive solutions and suggestions that serve their communities, he continued, We hope
that we can help them transform these solutions and ideas into prototypes and sustainable
“Its inspiring to see so many ideas and young people working on innovative social projects
to alleviate the burden of certain social groups facing issues. It gives us faith that young
people are capable of positive change in society,” said Murad Shakkah, Project Coordinator
at the Jordan River Projects and Member of the Jury at Jerash and Amman local challenges.
Maryam Eid, one of the participants in the project, said, Synthesised knowledge is different
from disconnected information. The only way this could be achieved is by immersion in an
activity. This is precisely what we experienced from participating in the challenge. It was a
unique experience that helped us come up with an idea with social value, which could leave
an impact and create a positive change.”
Another participant, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Faouri, described the Local Innovation
Challenge, as a rich experience with valuable information that enhances the concept of
social innovation, and helps young people discuss the most important problems facing
society and innovate logical and applicable solutions to these problems.
One of the benefits I gained from this experience was assuming responsibility and
promoting the principles of leadership and taking initiative to turn obstacles into
opportunities. We are excited for the next stages to work more on reducing social problems,
Faouri added.
The Social Innovation Challenge team constantly seeks to build partnerships and create
opportunities to support participants in their journey throughout the challenge.

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