Intellectual Property for Tech Startups

Intellectual Properties (IP) are major contributor to the value and the success of Technology based businesses and startups. In spite of that it is commonly misunderstood and not protected by startups which could lead to future challenges for the companies in the growth phase.

This interactive session of IP for Tech startups will explain the main concepts of IP rights and protection approaches. Moreover the speakers will share their experience about the protection and commercialization of IPs.

The session will be moderated by Eng. Jamil Alkhatib from IBTECAR and the speakers Dr. Mohammad Aljafari and Eng. Mohammad Diab from iPark/IPCO (Intellectual Property Commercialization Office.

The participants will have the chance to discuss with the speakers to explore the utilization of the IP protection and commercialization methods.

Partnership : The Tank by Umniah & IPARK 

Date & place : 14-1-2019 ,King Hussein Business Park Building 23 (Grow)

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