Participation in Adapt2Job of the German Jordanian University

Under the title “Digitalization 2018 and Beyond Products and Services”, IBTECAR consulting contributed in several presentations at the German Jordanian University Adapt2Job bootcamp of the Office for Industrial Links.

IBTECAR represented by Eng. Jamil Alkhatib introduced IoT Innovation Program in collaboration with Umniah.

In addition to some experts from the adapt2Job-Network, with 20-30 motivated students (of their third year and above) from all different engineering schools and Computer Science, Management, Logistics and Accounting participated in the event.


The Teaching-TWIN consists of a professor (Prof. Dr. Pulst) and the Industrial representative

(Dr. Reifferscheid, SMS group), who teach jointly along the operational business of SMS group

and leading Digital Industry protagonists, thus showing the students real applications of New

Technologies (IoT, AI, AM/3D-Printing, AR/VR).

The Emphasis was put on concrete business opportunities in Jordan, the Region and International

Market related to the New Technologies being presented by the Teaching-TWIN.

Training and In-Depth-work aim at developing business models, how Digitalization 2018 and

beyond can lead to new businesses, jobs and internships in Jordan, the Region and the

international market.

IBTECAR helped Students to work in groups on their scenario (project) which they present to the Evaluation. Besides that IBTECAR has arranged for field visit to the students on the last day to the King Hussein Business Park (KHBP) where they visited and listened to presentations at the TechWorks and the Tank by Umniah to learn more about the entrepreneurial companies and innovation spaces in KHBP.


Date & Place : 23rd of September 2018 – 27th of September 2018, GJU and The Tank By Umniah

Partner :

  • the tank by Umniah   
  • adapt2Job Program        
  • The German Jordanian University 


Speaker : Jamil khatib


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