About us

IBTECAR is a company specialized in providing innovation services to companies, organizations and communities to enable sustainable growth. This is done through customized innovation programs development covering innovation policies, structures, processes, strategies and organization culture. Moreover it provides coaching, training and certification in Creative Thinking, Intellectual Property rights, entrepreneurship, and research strategies.

Over the past few years, IBTECAR has managed to develop several programs for companies, SMEs, universities and public institutes. Besides that it provided several training programs in the fields of innovation, creativity and intellectual property rights.

Practice Areas


IBTECAR specializes in circular economy and promotes environmental responsibility


IBTECAR focuses on digital innovation and leveraging cutting-edge solutions


IBTECAR is dedicated to create positive change and benefit both people and the planet

Our Services

IBTECAR is InnovationBusinessTechnologyEntrepreneurshipCreativity for the Arab Region.

Innovation as a Service

We offer tailored solutions to help organizations foster innovation, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve their strategic objectives by leveraging the latest tools and methodologies.

Management Consulting

Our consulting services cover a wide range of business needs, including strategy development, capacity building, project formulation, and more. We provide comprehensive support to help organizations achieve their goals and drive growth.

Private Sector Development

We work with governments, donor agencies, and organizations to create an enabling environment for private sector growth, job creation, and economic development. Our solutions focus on promoting entrepreneurship, improving business climate, and more.

Digital Transformation

Our experts help companies navigate the complex process of digital transformation, improve customer experience, and achieve their strategic objectives to drive innovation and growth

Design Thinking

We use a human-centered approach to help organizations solve complex problems and create innovative solutions that meet customer needs, drive growth, and enhance brand value.

Social Innovation

We help organizations drive positive social and environmental impact by designing innovative solutions that generate business value, improve sustainability, while achieving social impact.

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