Social Innovation Challenge Program

The Social Innovation Challenge aimed to empower and encourage youth social workers, social entrepreneurs, university students and volunteers to design and implement innovative solutions to the social challenges in three pilot areas, using Human Centred Design in order to create social impact and build a social innovation community in these areas. The Social Innovation Challenge "Strong Together" is implemented by IBTECAR Consulting in cooperation with Expertise France and the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) targeting the 3 pilot areas: Karak,...

MedUP Social Enterprises Networking

This project aimed to strengthen the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Jordan by promoting networking, collaboration, information sharing and peer to peer support among different categories of stakeholders: Social Enterprises, Support Organizations, Financial Institutions, Governmental Institutions, Media, Advisory Services Providers. IBTECAR Consulting in collaboration with Oxfam Jordan under the framework of MedUP is organizing a series of networking events to connect social enterprises with key players of the green, governmental, financial, and business sectors.

Enhancing Opportunities for Inclusive Labor Market Integration in the Digital Sector in Jordan.

The UNDP, commissioned IBTECAR Consulting from 2021 to 2022 to conduct an assessment study for digital skills gaps in Jordan. The study aimed to enhance and create inclusive opportunities for youth of all groups, including refugees and vulnerable groups across Jordan. IBTECAR Consulting developed the “Digital skills Gap Assessment in Jordan report and Assessment Framework” by conducting qualitative research and organizing interviews with key stakeholders in Jordan from private, public, and international organizations to assess the digital gaps skills of...

MedUp Social Enterprise Replication strategy

This project aimed to define a strategy for the replication of successful social enterprises in addition to document the best practices on social entrepreneurship that are widely disseminated among national audiences for replication. IBTECAR Consulting has created two replication strategies for 2 Jordanian social enterprises to be able to replicate their model nationally or regionally. For that, IBTECAR Consulting conducted primary and secondary research and analysed the data, resulting in generating the requested replication strategies.

MedUP: Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region – Capacity building for Social Enterprises in Jordan.

The EU program aimed to increase social enterprises knowledge and capacity to sustain themselves in marketing, project management, mentoring and evaluation, and impact measurement. IBTECAR Consulting delivered the project for JOHUD and Oxfam in Jordan. MedUP commissioned IBTECAR Consulting to provide consultation and training to increase the knowledge of 11 social enterprises in Jordan, in which IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for developing and conducting 7 important training modules relevant for social start-ups.

InnovateJo: Design Thinking Challenge

With the aim of coming up with the best possible solutions and stimulating creative thinking among young people, GoPA assigned IBTECAR Consulting to design and deliver several training sessions conducted over five weeks in 2021, to prepare participants to work on solutions to private sector challenges. The training included five modules; empathy, challenge definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing. In the challenge for the EU, 190 participants took part in solving 15 digital innovation challenges in creative ways using Design Thinking.

Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs) Capacity Building Project (JoinUp)

The project aimed to contribute to increasing economic and social inclusion and creating job opportunities especially for women and marginalized groups in Jordan. IBTECAR Consulting has designed and conducted interactive online trainings for Social Enterprise Support Organizations (SESOs) in Jordan, particularly in social business entrepreneurship fields. IBTECAR Consulting worked closely with Oxfam Jordan in the assessment of the needed skills and capacity building of the SESOs with the aim of increasing service effectiveness provided to the social enterprises. As a...

German Jordanian University (GJU) Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The program supports the development of entrepreneurship and innovation culture at the university enabling students to be creative and develop their social and commercial enterprises. IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for the design and management of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” program of the GJU. The program, which ran from 2014 to 2021, established an Innovation Lab equipped with the latest technologies in IoT, VR, AI and 3D printing. The lab targets both the students and the academics to support them realize...

Strengthening Social Entrepreneurship for Migration and Development: Support to Social Entrepreneurship Structures

The project, made for the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC), aimed to upgrade enterprises’ skills in Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for the inception phase of the project in Jordan in 2020. IBTECAR conducted research and assessment of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan to identify support structures for social entrepreneurship in order to extend their services. The company conducted various interviews and desk research to identify the skills and capacity-building needs of the organizations enabling them...

Impact Leaders Design Thinking Training

IBTECAR Consulting, in collaboration with the German Jordanian University, organized the largest training event on Design Thinking and problem-solving during COVID-19 in 2020, to contribute to solutions to social challenges especially in education. The program included more than 25 local and international trainers and coaches in the field of Design Thinking with more than 200 participants across various digital platforms in many countries.