MedUP Social Enterprises Networking

This project aimed to strengthen the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Jordan by promoting networking, collaboration, information sharing and peer to peer support among different categories of stakeholders: Social Enterprises, Support Organizations, Financial Institutions, Governmental Institutions, Media, Advisory Services Providers. IBTECAR Consulting in collaboration with Oxfam Jordan under the framework of MedUP is organizing a series of networking events to connect social enterprises with key players of the green, governmental, financial, and business sectors.

MedUp Social Enterprise Replication strategy

This project aimed to define a strategy for the replication of successful social enterprises in addition to document the best practices on social entrepreneurship that are widely disseminated among national audiences for replication. IBTECAR Consulting has created two replication strategies for 2 Jordanian social enterprises to be able to replicate their model nationally or regionally. For that, IBTECAR Consulting conducted primary and secondary research and analysed the data, resulting in generating the requested replication strategies.

German Jordanian University (GJU) Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The program supports the development of entrepreneurship and innovation culture at the university enabling students to be creative and develop their social and commercial enterprises. IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for the design and management of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” program of the GJU. The program, which ran from 2014 to 2021, established an Innovation Lab equipped with the latest technologies in IoT, VR, AI and 3D printing. The lab targets both the students and the academics to support them realize...

Impact Week Program and training

The program aimed to support youth in Jordan in addressing solutions for local challenges through establishing social innovations, enterprises, and businesses. IBTECAR Consulting was the lead implementation partner for the “Impact Week Program Jordan 2019” while collaborating with the German Jordanian University (Jordan), the Help Alliance (Germany), and other partners. The program, implemented in 2019, involved Train the Trainers of coaches on Design Thinking and human-centered design along with training for 100 youth on social innovations with high impact. IBTECAR...

Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) Innovation Unit Design

The project, which was implemented from 2018 to 2019, aimed to support services in open innovation delivered to members of the Jordan Chamber of Industry. IBTECAR was responsible for designing and developing an innovation unit in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, assessing stakeholders, coaching and export of innovative solutions, and conducting and designing several workshops on the food industry and packaging innovation for stakeholders and members of the Jordan Chamber of Industry. The project concluded with an innovation support unit...

Shoman Foundation Innovation Award Design

The Innovation Award Design program aimed to support and develop innovative and creative start-ups. IBTECAR Consulting conducted an assessment on Innovation and Research Funding in Jordan and various related fundings, and it organized various stakeholder and ecosystem analyses to understand the situation of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jordan. As part of the mission, IBTECAR Consulting has assessed several ongoing research and innovation grants for the Shoman Foundation on their commercialization potential to support the creation of new innovative start-ups. The...

Water & Sanitation Entrepreneurship Program

The program, implemented in 2017, aimed to support the establishment of new ventures focused on solving challenges related to water, sanitation, and environmental issues. IBTECAR Consulting worked in collaboration with CEWAS Middle East through a Swiss project, to develop the program, delivering various trainings on Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, and market feasibility. Besides, more than 6 months of coaching were organized for various ventures that participated in the program.

Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF)

Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) aimed to promote the development of applied science and engineering ideas in Jordan and the Middle East. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded and seed-financed by Dr. Samih Darwazah, founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals. ASRF is the first private sector-initiated research funding institution in Jordan as a non-profit company ASRF. ASRF funds applied research and innovations that have market potential and the return on investment will be through the commercialization of intellectual property.


Support to Research and Technological Development (SRTD) is an EU project conducted through ENPI. It was implemented in 2009 - 2010 and aimed to support innovation initiatives and strategies in Jordan. The program focused on supporting the development of a national Technology Transfer Program, supporting the establishment of 11 Jordanian Technology Transfer Offices, and conducting a value and impact assessment of over 30 funded research. It also supports the assessment of Industry Research Link and the development of a Quality...