Scoping and formulation of the next EU Digital Transformation flagship program

This project defined strategic priorities for the support of digital transformation/digitalization in Egypt during the next EU program period 2021-2027. It also identifies and formulates the EU flagship digital initiative in support of digitalization and digital economy in Egypt as part of the Annual Action Programme 2022. This EU project, which started in 2021, defines midterm priorities for 2022-2027 and recommends how to mainstream and monitor digitalization in all sectors of EU intervention, ensuring complementarity with TeamEurope and other regional...

Scoping and formulation support to TeamEurope digital economy response strategy in Palestine .

This project aimed to promote rapid economic growth through digital transformation, innovation stimulation, job creation, and acceleration of access to public and private services of high quality in Palestine. The project, which ran from 2021until 2022, defines the response strategy that promotes digital transformation and priority areas for support. The project for the EU representative office in the country also aimed to identify and formulate an EUREP program under the Annual Action Plan 2022.

Orange Digital Center-GIZ, mid-term evaluation

The project aimed to provide Mid-term review of the Strategic Alliance (develoPPP) between GIZ and Orange Middle East and Africa with the focus on Jordan implementation. The activities and achievements of Orange Digital Center Jordan were assessed according to OECD-DAC. The developed recommendations focused on digital skills, digital fabrication hubs and youth digital skills.

Enhancing Opportunities for Inclusive Labor Market Integration in the Digital Sector in Jordan.

The UNDP, commissioned IBTECAR Consulting from 2021 to 2022 to conduct an assessment study for digital skills gaps in Jordan. The study aimed to enhance and create inclusive opportunities for youth of all groups, including refugees and vulnerable groups across Jordan. IBTECAR Consulting developed the “Digital skills Gap Assessment in Jordan report and Assessment Framework” by conducting qualitative research and organizing interviews with key stakeholders in Jordan from private, public, and international organizations to assess the digital gaps skills of...

GIZ Digi#ances

The project started in 2021 and aimed to assess and measure the impact of the two awarded grants by GIZ to local companies to develop the e-wallets international cross border remittances (CBR). IBTECAR Consulting conducted the final assessment and recommendation of the awarded grants. The assessment included the e-wallets stakeholders’ interviews and desk research of the challenges and opportunities in the local ecosystem and legal framework of Jordan. The e-wallets are financial, digital systems that are used in different countries...

Peer to Peer Electricity sharing system study and research

In this project, conducted for The Royal Academy of Engineering and held in Jordan from 2019 to 2021, IBTECAR Consulting led the development of a peer-to-peer electricity sharing system utilizing digital solutions. The project includes technical and business feasibility studies, regulatory framework, development of a PROOF OF CONCEPT of the system, and various potential business models and application opportunities for system adoption for the Jordanian electricity grid and its regulatory framework.

Analysis of Digital for Development (D4D) and Strategic Recommendations for Palestine country portfolio

The project, which ran from 2021 to 2022, identified the digital role in various sectors such as employment, entrepreneurship, education, etc. in Palestine for Enabel, the Belgian development agency. IBTECAR Consulting developed the pathways to D4D for the Enabel plan and portfolio in Palestine. It conducted desk research, stakeholders’ analysis and mapping besides the identification of the local needs and consultation with local stakeholder and facilitation stakeholders’ focus groups. IBTECAR Consulting developed KPIs and strategic pathways to D4D focused on...

InnovateJo: Design Thinking Challenge

With the aim of coming up with the best possible solutions and stimulating creative thinking among young people, GoPA assigned IBTECAR Consulting to design and deliver several training sessions conducted over five weeks in 2021, to prepare participants to work on solutions to private sector challenges. The training included five modules; empathy, challenge definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing. In the challenge for the EU, 190 participants took part in solving 15 digital innovation challenges in creative ways using Design Thinking.

German Jordanian University (GJU) Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The program supports the development of entrepreneurship and innovation culture at the university enabling students to be creative and develop their social and commercial enterprises. IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for the design and management of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” program of the GJU. The program, which ran from 2014 to 2021, established an Innovation Lab equipped with the latest technologies in IoT, VR, AI and 3D printing. The lab targets both the students and the academics to support them realize...

IoT Innovation Program

The program provides a platform for youth to learn and develop project ideas in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT) targeting local challenges. IBTECAR Consulting designed and managed the IoT Innovation program in collaboration with Umniah, a Jordanian telecom operator, over the period 2017 – 2020. The participants attended various boot camps and trainings that cover a wide range of innovation, business, and Design Thinking trainings along with various technical development tools and implementation. The program established the IoT...