Strengthening Social Entrepreneurship for Migration and Development: Support to Social Entrepreneurship Structures

Portfolio Description

The project, made for the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC), aimed to upgrade enterprises’ skills in Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. IBTECAR Consulting was responsible for the inception phase of the project in Jordan in 2020. IBTECAR conducted research and assessment of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan to identify support structures for social entrepreneurship in order to extend their services. The company conducted various interviews and desk research to identify the skills and capacity-building needs of the organizations enabling them to support refugees and migrants in Jordan through social entrepreneurship. During the work on this project, IBTECAR identified activities to be conducted based on data analysis for the results of the research, which helped further in defining the role of the social entrepreneurship support structure. The plan supports skills needed for social enterprises in Jordan that would help develop and build their capabilities for future growth.

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