IoT Innovation Program

IoT Innovation Program

IBTECAR and Umniah are partnering to develop first of its kind Internet of Things (IoT) innovation program, which aims to enable entrepreneurs and innovators to move their creative Hi-Tech ideas in the IoT field into realizable products. It helps them to gain technical skills to develop the proof of concept (prototypes) of their products besides gaining innovation and business skills to test and validate the concepts with the potential customers.

Program Activities

The program will provide the following activities:

  • General public talks about IoT
  • Hackathon/competition
  • Technical and Business Training
  • Prototype/Proof of Concept development
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Linkages with international IoT programs.


Program Values

Where the participants will gain the following values:

  • Access to IoT innovation lab (in 2018)
  • Develop the prototypes
  • Get technical and business training
  • Validate and test the prototype with potential customers
  • Have mentorship on product development
  • Get the chance to apply for International IoT accelerators
  • Have the chance to win prize for their work (Total prizes 1000 JOD to the winning teams)


Applicants Eligibility

  • Ideas and projects focusing on the IoT application and products field
  • Individual Entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Registered Startups not older than 6 months

Program Application

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