Our Brand

IBTECAR: InnovationBusinessTechnologyEntrepreneurshipCreativity for the Arab Region .

We were eager to create a Brand that represents the values of IBTECAR, which means innovation in Arabic. The colors were chosen to represent a metaphor:

Blue: the sky is the limit for innovation.

Green: It’s the colour of nature. We believe that Innovations need nourishing and the right environment to grow, for that IBTECAR offers Arab innovators the environment to expand and grow like plants.

Pink : The colour pink is a product of mixing red (passion) and white (clear vision). We believe that creativity is a result of passion, having a clear vision and more interesting values. For us pink represents Innovation and creativity as a mix of different colours and views.

The pink and blue circles are not perfect ones in our logo which is a reflection that to get innovations one does not need to be perfect. One should take the risk and continue developing the ideas.

On the other hand the green circle is perfect one and small which indicates that the innovation environment should be excellent while building it requires small contributions.