Our Partners

Amman Chamber of Industry

The Amman Chamber of Industry continued since its establishment in 1962 to keeping up with all local and international developments, dealing effectively with them in order to serve its progress and increase its ability to serve the national economy in general and the industrial sector in particular. The Chamber has remained for more than four decades incubating the industry and defending its interests by providing all possible support to it until the national industry has become a pioneer and ranks first among other.


TUM-Tech GmbH enables companies to get access to the outstanding scientific and technological potential of the TU Munich and – beyond that – a huge network of universities, research institutions and private research departments.

TUM-Tech GmbH functions by way of demand. That means that we operate on a case by case basis in finding the right experts for you in a complex economic environment.

Methods training institute

Methods Training Institute (MTI) provides high quality learning opportunities for individuals and organizations believing that competitive advantage comes through people. Through applied learning, practical approach to training, and high-quality trainers.


VMEdu serves as a marketplace by bringing together content experts from around the world and uses its state-of-the-art content creation expertise to create the best-quality online and classroom courses. This quality is provided to students worldwide through its global network of 1100+ training partners. Every VMEdu course comes with an assurance of consistent, high-quality content presented in multiple formats–such as videos, podcasts, simulated tests, and mobile apps that ensure a well-rounded and practical learning experience for students.