Challenge Identification

Interactive program focusing on transferring research to application through learning the structured process of innovation along with the tools that can lead to high impacts in the market and the society.


  • understand the process of moving from basic to applied research
  • understanding the negotiating process with partners
  • conduct research with social and economic impacts

Activities based program that focuses on using the designer’s sensibility and methods in business to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what viable business strategy that can convert into customer value and market opportunity.


  • generate ideas with improved customer experience
  • become more empathic innovator
  • identify challenges and solve them with teams

Proactive approach for understanding the customer needs, through creative research tools to design products that fit the customers efficiently.

  • understand market and customer identification tools
  • plan the market research
  • conduct product customer fit

Validated tools for programs development that aims to capture the value of innovation and entrepreneurship within the ecosystem and organizations.

  • create programs with high impact
  • understand design and monitoring tools
  • validate organizational role within the ecosystem

Solution Development

Fun program to share and learn together as it provides neutral and engaging environment to bread, incubate and evaluate ideas through various creativity tools.


  • generate and evaluate original ideas
  • visualize and capture ideas
  • conduct creative meetings

Interactive program that focuses on understanding the fundamentals of problem solving, developing critical thinking skills, and taking the right decisions in a team environment.


  • define and identify the challenges
  • understand problem solving techniques
  • decide and manage risks of solutions

Unconventional approach in introducing the concepts of intellectual property rights to protect the innovations and how to commercialize the results.


  • understand IP types
  • negotiate technology transfer deals
  • commercialize new technologies

Result Exploitation

A practical program that catalyzes the development of new unique concepts and financial viability, by improving customers’ values and offerings.


  • create value proposition
  • understand the customer segment
  • create new revenue sources for organizations

A comprehensive and interactive program to manage and develop new products strategies through innovative processes that combine Stage-Gate and Lean product development.


  • manage products portfolio
  • develop new products
  • understand customers validation principles

Proactive tools to build open innovation partnerships and sharing visions among network of alliances to compete in the globalized world and rapid technology progress.


  • reduce partnership conflicts and improve negotiations
  • lead successful strategic partnerships
  • get quipped with tools for partnerships building

Advanced program that increases the ability of organizations to build sustainable innovation strategies through fostering cultural and process development.

  • build innovation culture
  • develop innovation strategies and process
  • assess innovations