IoT Innovation Program

IBTECAR and Umniah are partnering to develop first of its kind Internet of Things (IoT) innovation program, which aims to enable entrepreneurs and innovators to move their creative Hi-Tech ideas in the IoT field into realizable products. It helps them to gain technical skills to develop the proof of concept (prototypes) of their products besides gaining innovation and business skills to test and validate the concepts with the potential customers. Program Activities The program will provide the following activities: General public talks [...]

Innovation and Creativity stimulation in organizations

“Innovation and Creativity stimulation in organizations” A workshop delivered at 3rd Symposium with the theme “Professional Training in Developing Human Capital”, 17-18 September 2013, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia organized by King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital   Workshop abstract Siemens, Toyota, IKEA, Google, Apple, TATA, P&G and Skype are some of the most successful companies in the world; nevertheless they are among the top innovative companies.  Those companies managed to reach to this stage not only through investment but also through stimulating systematically creativity and innovation [...]

National Policy & Strategy STI of Jordan

Review and assessment of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policies and Strategies of Jordan (2013-2017) UNESCO Project to support the Higher Council for Science and Technology of Jordan to review the national STI policies. The project aimed to develop: Strategy review and assessment framework based on international best practices Review of the national Science, Technology and Innovation strategy based on the framework Support the development of national innovation programs Conduct stakeholders assessment workshop. Results Assessment framework developed based on World Bank, OECD and UNCTAD for STI [...]

Applied Scientific Research Fund

Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) is  is a non-government; non-profit organization created and has the initial funding by Samih Darwazah, founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals to promote the development of applied science and engineering ideas. ASRF is the first research funding organization initiated from the private sector in Jordan as non-profit company acting on commercial basis while 100% of the profit is invested back in the fund to support the creation of the innovation ecosystem in Jordan and the Middle East. ASRF is [...]

National ICT Strategy of Jordan

National ICT Strategy of Jordan is an EU funded project through FWC 2012. It was hosted by the ministry of ICT in Jordan. Jamil as a key expert was responsible for – Analysis of ICT sector (market, regulations, stakeholders, strategies, SWOT) – Development of National Strategy of ICT – Strategy benchmarking – Development of strategic goals and vision – Design of action and master plan for strategy implementation including KPIs The final draft strategy document can be downloaded from the ministry of ICT website [gview file=””] The draft strategy document can [...]

Bedaya Program

Bedaya Program (Palestine, 2012) is one of the Palestinian Information and Communications Technology Incubator (PICTI) projects funded by USAID and CISCO. The Program will tap into global resources, mentors, and market makers; to assist high potential Palestinian ICT ventures, to accelerate growth and new market outcomes. Recordings of some workshops Workshops materials Jamil was the program manager of Bedaya and was responsible for – Overall coordination of Bedaya project and delivery of the KPIs (assessment, roadmaps, sales campaign support, matching with mentor,..) – Manage [...]

SRTD Program

Support to Research and Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan Project (SRTD) (2008-2010) is an EU funded project through ENPI. Some presentations,workshops and training programs delivered during the SRTD project are available here Jamil was mainly responsible for the Technology Transfer element of the project. Jamil as a local expert was responsible for – Support the development of a national Technology Transfer Program – Support the establishment of 11 Jordanian Technology Transfer Offices – Support Industry Research Link assessment – Perform assessments [...]