Design Thinking meets Smart Homes

Design Thinking meets Smart Homes

IBTECAR is a service provider that develops programs to enable sustainable innovations within organizations based on validated local and international best practices.

One of the key areas IBTECAR is focusing on, is supporting the advancement of youth through new technologies. Internet of Things and Smart Homes are some of the new trending technologies that is changing people’s lives.




This training will introduce the main concepts of smart homes while focusing on the design approaches based on understanding users’ challenges. During the training the participants will have hands on design thinking activities and latest smart home devices and tools to deliver value to the users.

The training will help participants with achieving solutions without the need to deep understanding of technologies.


By the end of the training the participants will have:

  • Understanding of various structures of smart homes and services
  • Understand the value and challenges of customers’ smart homes
  • Design smart homes with impact for better user experience



The program will cover the following topics in hands on exercises on design thinking

  • Introduction to the value of smart home and home automation
  • Smart home architecture & tools
  • Introduction to Design Thinking Process
  • Smart homes users’ context analysis
  • Users’ smart home experience design
  • Ideations tools for smart homes alternatives
  • Smart homes prototypes validation



The training covers 10 hours divided into 3 sessions

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