IBTECAR Creative Meeting

A program full of tips, tools and techniques that will open your mind to new ideas and help you develop creative solutions.
In a complex world we live and globalized and multi-national businesses, managers and staff face the each other in meetings to explore opportunities and solve problems or make new offers to their clients. Yet the number and duration of the meetings tend to increase dramatically whenever the organization needs to make important decisions.

For that it becomes a common saying “Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything”.
For that people try to solve that by tending to either to reach consensus in meetings, or make decisions without consulting anyone. Both approaches are hard to implement in reality. It is important to run effective and efficient meeting to make use of everyone’s time.

“IBTECAR Creative Meeting” program will help not only in having effective and efficient meetings but also help in creative problem solving and ideas generations while making quick decisions.

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