IBTECAR Coaching

A program customized to leverage creativity and innovation capabilities at both personal and team levels within organizations.
– Do you need to improve the performance of your business through innovation?
– Do you want to grow your business through strategic innovations?
– Do you want to have creative marketing plan?
– Do you want to encourage your staff to be creative?
These are the questions that most of today’s organizations are asking. They are looking for creative ways to gain competitive advantage in the market. To achieve the competitiveness, there are several training programs and consultation services in the market that offers solutions, but still such programs do not focus on personal development of individuals and teams in organizations who are the engine of sustainable development. So they end up with providing short term solutions without much emphasis on organizational and individual learning.
Coaching is the key to focus on personal and teams’ goals and guide them through their road to innovation and creativity development. “IBTECAR Coaching” program will provide you with the support in creativity and innovations you need to develop creative leadership skills, turn ideas into action and improve business performance.

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