IoT Ideation for Graduation Project

Portfolio Description

As part of the IoT Innovation program the Ideation session took place to support the university students experience IoT and generate ideas for their graduation project in the IoT field. Participants were from several universities including Hashemite University, German Jordanian University, University of Jordan and Albalqa applied university,

This workshop was divided into many interactive sessions. Some inspirational success stories and other developed projects in different IoT field. We mainly taught our participants how to generate new innovative idea using some ideation methods and cases of IoT.

At the end of the day the teams have presented their idea and we selected top 5, to complete their journey in our IoT innovation Program.

Date & Place : October 6, 2018 , The Tank by Umniah

Partner :

The Tank by Umniah  

Speaker :

Jamil Al Khatib

Haya Hamasha

Ammar Mismar

Anas Hakawati