Portfolio - The Big Bang Theory for Innovation and Creativity

The Big Bang Theory for Innovation and Creativity

Portfolio Description

Description :

Here in IBTECAR we believe that it’s our job to build a culture of innovation and creativity and for that specific reason we came up with the idea of having an interactive session with a small group of people by which we discuss innovation in terms of science and business with the help of “the big bang theory” series. Our main aim through “the big bang theory for innovation and creativity” program is to enhance and refresh the basic skills every person has and to fill the knowledge gaps.

Basically, what we do is really fun, interactive and helps in giving you the knowledge to participate in reflecting innovation and creativity concepts. The program will consist of several sessions and activities, each session will consist of the following:

– A sketch will be shown from the big bang theory series.

– An interactive discussion will be held by the participants on what the sketch is focusing on and what are the interesting lessons.

– Different advices will be given from our trainers to find a sense of positivity and hope and enhance well-being all in terms of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Date & Place : 13 AUG 2017 , King Hussein Business Park Building 23 (Grow)

Partner : Zinc by Zain