Design Thinking in 90 Minutes

  Design Thinking is a method for practical, creative resolution of problems used by companies like Google, SAP, IKEA, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Daimler and a long list of most innovating companies. It is a form of solution-focused thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result. The overall goal of this design thinking is to help design better products, services, processes, strategies, spaces, architecture, and experiences. Design thinking helps teams develop practical and innovative solutions for existing problems. It is a...

IBTECAR Creative Meeting

A program full of tips, tools and techniques that will open your mind to new ideas and help you develop creative solutions. In a complex world we live and globalized and multi-national businesses, managers and staff face the each other in meetings to explore opportunities and solve problems or make new offers to their clients. Yet the number and duration of the meetings tend to increase dramatically whenever the organization needs to make important decisions. For that it becomes a common saying...

Research to Innovation

Interactive program focusing on transferring research to application through learning the structured process of innovation along with the tools that can lead to high impacts in the market and the society.   understand the process of moving from basic to applied research understanding the negotiating process with partners conduct research with social and economic impacts

Problem Solving and Creative Decisions

Enhancing Organizational Creativity   Description The program focuses on understanding the fundamentals of problem solving, developing critical thinking skills, and learning how to utilize problems solving techniques in a team environment. Program Objectives The program aims to enable the participants to: Define and Identify problem-solving techniques in organizations Identify the necessary skills of a problem solver in organizations Work through the problem-solving process Create and manage problem-solving teams by knowing how to conduct effective meetings and motivate team members. Audience Supervisors, managers, team and project leaders,...

IBTECAR Ideation

IBTECAR Ideation (Ideas on Demand) This program is dedicated to organizations looking for generating ideas for their next steps in the market, technology or organizational growth. The process for ideation is different from the normal daily activities of critical or analytical processes. This program will open the box of ideas then the group will collect the ideas and finally converge them to the needs of the organization. This program is based on best practices that are customized over years to the Arab region.

Innovation stimulation in organizations

  Thinking out of the box and creativity cannot be implemented by demand or asking the employees to.  Human resources are complex and only suitable environment will help stimulating creativity. This workshop will discuss how creativity of employees can be stimulated through policies, methods and processes.

New Product Development

Technical achievements are just the first step to success; such achievements shall be incorporated in a well-defined product, for specific customers, market and right time to generate income and adoption by the end users.  On the other hand companies are always under pressure for continuous developments and introduction of new products to the market or improve existing ones to keep ahead of their competitors.   For such reasons the Product Management is an essential function adopted by leading companies worldwide to maximize market...