Design Thinking for SDGs

Portfolio Description

It is our pleasure to contribute to the Global Goals Local Actions (GGLA) Project where Mr. Jamil Alkhatib, the visionary founder of IBTECAR Consulting delivered a session on design thinking to the workshop participants on the 26th of May at the GJU Jabal Amman Campus.

The atmosphere was buzzing with the energy of youth social entrepreneurs, all eager to explore the power of Design Thinking as a tool to develop sustainable solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Mr. Alkhatib’s contribution to the workshop t highlighted the transformative potential of Design Thinking in creating innovative solutions that benefit both individuals and communities.

Mr. Alkhatib, renowned for his expertise in innovation and design thinking, captivated the audience with his engaging presentation. He introduced the concepts of Design Thinking as a powerful approach to tackle the challenges posed by the SDGs. With real-world examples and practical insights, he demonstrated how this creative problem-solving methodology can be harnessed to drive positive change in our communities.

The GGLA Project provides a platform for youth to channel their entrepreneurial spirit towards addressing the local challenges aligned with the SDGs.

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