IoT Talk: IoT Security

Portfolio Description

Security is a primary concern among IoT users, we hear the term Internet of Things get thrown around a lot.  As a society we need to know more about these ‘Smart’ devices and the impact they can make on our lives. Loui Al Sardy will show how insecure Internet of Things products are and how easy it is to hack them. He will discuss what are those security problems and what are the challenges that are being faced today by IoT during the session on 8.8.2019

Loui Al Sardy is a research and teaching assistant in the field of Software Engineering\Cyber Security at Erlangen-Nuremberg University. In addition to that he is a fellow of the Digital Tech Fellows (DTF) program of the FAU Digital Tech Academy.

Partner:  The Tank By Umniah

Date & place: 8-8-2019 , The Tank By Umniah