Impact week

Portfolio Description

Impact Week Jordan 2019 – an innovation and entrepreneurship program with various international practitioners from Lufthansa and SAP among others ( Help logistics, SPARK Jordan سبارك الأردنالجامعة الألمانية الأردنيـــة German Jordanian UniversityGoethe-InstitutHelp AllianceGJU PIE – Program Innovation & EntrepreneurshipUmniahThe Tank by Umniah, Oxfam and SAXEED.JET) – has officially ended with more 150 participants (coaches and students).

After 8 days of continuous working and training, the first Impact Week ever in the Middle East was a huge success that has contributed to the impact on the participants’ mindsets and how they will look at situations differently.

At the beginning there was an organization team consisting of 5 people on the IW side and 5 on the local side. After choosing 6 senior coaches they trained over 30 new junior coaches from local and foreign side, which in turn coached 19 teams, of 6 persons each, through the Design Thinking process and created great ideas.

We are so proud to be part of the organization team of this program, along with the interactions with so many people from different backgrounds and cultures.


Partner:  Lufthansa, SAP, Help logistics, SPARK Jordan, German Jordanian University, Goethe-Institut, Help Alliance, GJU PIE, The Tank by Umniah, Oxfam and SAXEED.JET


Date & place: 5-7/10/2019, Seven Rose Hotel – 9-12/10/2019, Al- Ahli Club