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IBTECAR Readiness Program

You can't manage what you don't measure   The program will assess organizations’ readiness for innovation, through identifications of causes and barriers and develop road maps for implementations. The assessment will include 360 degree approach covering all aspects of innovations. Not only to identify strengths and weaknesses of innovation processes, strategies and results but also the policies and organizational culture that enable creativity.

IBTECAR Coaching

A program customized to leverage creativity and innovation capabilities at both personal and team levels within organizations. - Do you need to improve the performance of your business through innovation? - Do you want to grow your business through strategic innovations? - Do you want to have creative marketing plan? - Do you want to encourage your staff to be creative? These are the questions that most of today’s organizations are asking. They are looking for creative ways to gain competitive advantage in the market....

IBTECAR Ideation

IBTECAR Ideation (Ideas on Demand) This program is dedicated to organizations looking for generating ideas for their next steps in the market, technology or organizational growth. The process for ideation is different from the normal daily activities of critical or analytical processes. This program will open the box of ideas then the group will collect the ideas and finally converge them to the needs of the organization. This program is based on best practices that are customized over years to the Arab region.

Innovation stimulation in organizations

  Thinking out of the box and creativity cannot be implemented by demand or asking the employees to.  Human resources are complex and only suitable environment will help stimulating creativity. This workshop will discuss how creativity of employees can be stimulated through policies, methods and processes.

New Product Development

Technical achievements are just the first step to success; such achievements shall be incorporated in a well-defined product, for specific customers, market and right time to generate income and adoption by the end users.  On the other hand companies are always under pressure for continuous developments and introduction of new products to the market or improve existing ones to keep ahead of their competitors.   For such reasons the Product Management is an essential function adopted by leading companies worldwide to maximize market...