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Problem Solving and Creative Decisions

Enhancing Organizational Creativity





The program focuses on understanding the fundamentals of problem solving, developing critical thinking skills, and learning how to utilize problems solving techniques in a team environment.


Program Objectives


The program aims to enable the participants to:

  • Define and Identify problem-solving techniques in organizations
  • Identify the necessary skills of a problem solver in organizations
  • Work through the problem-solving process
  • Create and manage problem-solving teams by knowing how to conduct effective meetings and motivate team members.



Supervisors, managers, team and project leaders, and all individuals who need to adopt creative approach at work, whether to solve problems, introduce changes or new products/services.

It is recommended for:

  • Decision makers wishing to improve their strategic planning
  • Marketing and product managers interested in introducing new products
  • HR managers aiming to improve the organization culture

Program Outline


  • Problem Solving basics
  • Problem definition
  • Problem solving process
  • Managing risks of solutions
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Structure of problem solving meeting & brainstorming
  • Nine-step problem solving and decision tool
  • Six thinking hats tool
  • Organization climate for problem solving
  • Problem solvers and their skills
  • Roles and responsibilities of the team and the leaders


Program Duration

15 Training Hours

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