Previous projects


The EU project aimed to help people build their own open-source renewable energy devices under Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that can be used in start-ups, camps, and houses. In 2015-2016, IBTECAR Consulting launched “CleanTech.IBTECAR”, an online community and marketplace for DIY, which enables visitors of the platform to benefit from the detailed description and instructions for building clean energy technology devices for free. IBTECAR Consulting has selected the DIY approach to promote the culture of collaboration and provide simple renewable energy...

National Policy & Strategy STI of Jordan

It aimed at reviewing and assessing the National Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies and Strategies in Jordan for the project period of 2013-2017. IBTECAR Consulting supported the Higher Council for Science and Technology of Jordan to review the national STI policies for the UNESCO Project. The project developed the strategy review and assessment framework based on international best practices, using the framework for reviewing the National Science, Technology, and Innovation strategy, and stakeholder assessment, and facilitating the focus groups’ feedback...

Innovation and Creativity stimulation in health organizations

This project, implemented in 2013, discussed how employees’ creativity can be stimulated through policies, methods, and processes at “the 3rd Symposium with the theme “Professional Training in Developing Human Capital”. It was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and organized by the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital.

Development of the national ICT strategy of Jordan

The EU project, implemented in 2012, aimed to support the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the national strategy including a master action plan, KPIs, and implementation budget and timeline. The strategy was based on stakeholder assessment (such as Intaj and TRC) as well as assessment of the market, regulations, and research.

Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF)

Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) aimed to promote the development of applied science and engineering ideas in Jordan and the Middle East. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, founded and seed-financed by Dr. Samih Darwazah, founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals. ASRF is the first private sector-initiated research funding institution in Jordan as a non-profit company ASRF. ASRF funds applied research and innovations that have market potential and the return on investment will be through the commercialization of intellectual property.

Bedaya startup growth project

Bedaya Program, implemented in 2011 in Palestine, is one of the Palestinian Information and Communications Technology Incubator (PICTI) projects which was conducted for USAID and CISCO. The Program focused on global resources, mentors, and market makers: to assist high-potential Palestinian ICT ventures and to accelerate growth and new market outcomes. It leveraged the services and investment of the incubator and the support to the start-ups to go to the international market.


Support to Research and Technological Development (SRTD) is an EU project conducted through ENPI. It was implemented in 2009 - 2010 and aimed to support innovation initiatives and strategies in Jordan. The program focused on supporting the development of a national Technology Transfer Program, supporting the establishment of 11 Jordanian Technology Transfer Offices, and conducting a value and impact assessment of over 30 funded research. It also supports the assessment of Industry Research Link and the development of a Quality...